What is Everything? 

Everything is a bundle of the best modern business writing.

We write newsletters on business strategy and productivity. In other words: what you should do, and how you can do it. Each newsletter contains in-depth business articles you can’t find anywhere else. 

But the value of the bundle grows all the time. Each month, we add fresh newsletters to the bundle. 

Our dream is to build a creative community supporting thinkers from all backgrounds to publish their life’s work, supported directly by readers, in order to make a dent in the way the world thinks. And, most importantly, to democratize access to success in business.

Our Newsletters


Superorganizers is an exploration into how the smartest and most creative people in the world organize their lives to do their best work written by Dan Shipper. Every week, he publishes a new interview with someone who has an incredible process or system. 

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Praxis is about increasing the signal-to-noise ratio of the information you consume, written by Tiago Forte. It’s all about the techniques and systems to help you make every minute you spend consuming information much, much more valuable.

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Almanack is a twice a month paid newsletter where Nat will write feature-length essays exploring how we can be healthier, more effective, and more successful, whatever our goals in life.

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Free Radicals is a collaboration between Everything and Sherrell Dorsey, founder of The Plug celebrating those who embody leadership in this moment. Each edition features a conversation between Sherrell and a leader in tech, focusing on equity, advancement, and progress.

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The Long Conversation is a weekly live show dedicated to the craft of writing hosted by Rachel Jepsen, Managing Editor of Holloway. Each week, she’ll work live with Dan, Nathan, Adam, and other bundle members to improve our writing. We’ll tear down our own pieces, look at the best writing from across the internet for inspiration, and work on everything from how to create killer openings, to how to use metaphors.

Best posts:

Ask Jerry is a newsletter produced by Andy Sparks featuring Jerry Colonna, author of Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up, and CEO of executive coaching and leadership development firm Reboot. In this newsletter, Jerry and Andy discuss questions about psychological habits, behavioral patterns, and the inner demons that can lead people to succeed—yet can be detrimental to their relationships and well-being.

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Divinations helps you get smarter about strategy. Our weekly essays explain the competitive moves that modern businesses make through the lens of the classic strategy ideas you’d learn in business school. Divinations is read by Fortune 500 CEOs, Midas List investors, and silicon valley’s brightest talent.    

Best posts:

Napkin Math is a newsletter that breaks down businesses by the numbers, written by Adam Keesling. You’ll learn the inner workings of the hottest startups and best-performing stocks, and get key takeaways you can use for your own business. 

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Means of Creation is a talk show and newsletter with Li Jin and Nathan Baschez about the passion economy. You’ll learn about the new and exciting world of creators making a living on platforms that differentiate, rather than commoditize, their work.

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How the Bundle Works

Every Sunday we send a digest of everything we published that week across all our newsletters.

In addition to the digest, you can also subscribe to individual newsletters. 

What makes Everything different?

It’s simple. 

We believe that business and technology analysis should come from business and technology people. 

Before the internet, newspapers controlled who could publish writing to a large audience. 

But now there are now no barriers to publishing. Anyone can write. 

Our thesis is this: in 10 years, the most trusted business media writers will be former operators. People that came from the industry, not just report on the industry. 

So our mission is to give a voice to former operators and executives to share their knowledge, built from first-hand experience. 

Every is Proudly Reader-Supported

Every earns 100% of our revenue through subscriptions. 

We pride ourselves on delivering only the highest quality content to our readers. We do that because it’s the only thing we have: we make our money from direct contributions from you. 

With this business model, we provide the deepest insights and sharpest interviews. Because if we don’t provide the highest quality articles, we won’t have a business. 

As Charlie Munger once said, “Show me the incentives, and I’ll show you the outcome.”

We won’t publish a piece unless we think it’s the very best we can write. Your attention is scarce and we value it!

We work for our readers because we are supported by our readers. 

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