#46 - Is Substack really milquetoast?Listen now | Dan and Nathan discuss one of the many recent takes on Substack, and try to offer a counterpoint to the idea that newsletter writers need to make choices between quality and frequency. Let us know where you fall in the comments! How did you feel about this episode?
The strategy behind the news in as few bullet points as possible. 
Nathan Baschez
Read to the end for publicly listed TikTok Creator Mansion
TLC Podcast #6: The Omniscient WriterListen now | After a writing exercise where the panelists explored different career paths they might have followed, Dan, Adam, and Taylor talk through …
Ask Jerry—Edition Nº 3
Andy Sparks
To diversity consultant Julie Elberfeld, there is promise in corporate America. “Inside our companies, we have control over a lot of the variables that…
Sherrell Dorsey
Newsletter Mania, plus: Announcing the Every Fellowship!
How the author of The Almanack of Naval Ravikant curates wisdom
Dan Shipper
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