TLC Podcast #9: The Proximate Causes of My ExcitementListen now | Returning for the new year’s first conversation, Rachel asks Dan and Nathan about how their writing collaboration mirrors their unique business partnership. Taylor wonders how people get started on a piece—and what their experiences have been working with editors…
Happy Sunday! Okay, it’s official: we’re launching something really big on Tuesday morning EST. We can’t share more than that right now—but the thing…
One of the most common questions I’m asked is “What should I save in my digital notes?” My typical answers include “highlights from books,” “website…
What the science of stress tells us about peak performance
“Do you see people?” This is the fundamental question that drives Leigh-Ann Buchanan and informs the way she shows up as a leader.
And how online content creators became millionaires
News Roundup #16: Andrew Yang bringing hype houses to NYC, Apple launching a paid podcasts, the power law on OnlyFans, and more
Where we're headed, and what you should be reading this week
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