Why MasterClass isn't really about Mastery — a new productivity app called "mymind" — HEY's product decisions — and everything else we published this week!
A radical new take on email
Nathan Baschez
#9 - Tech vs Media hits a new lowListen now (15 min) | Why is there so much animosity between the tech industry and journalists? Dan and Nathan try to sort through the muck.
A tour of the big ideas in new productivity app mymind
Dan Shipper
#8 - The model was actually right!Listen now (14 min) | Adam Keesling made a financial model that predicted our growth with almost scary accuracy. 
And other lessons from a 9-figure edtech startup
Adam Keesling
Open Thread: What should we add to the bundle next?We want to make the Everything bundle a home for the best business writing on the internet, and we’d love your take! Are there other writers or …
Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez
And everything else we published this week
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