Announcing a new show with Li Jin, two looks into the future of fitness, Scott Belsky's Elephant List, Is It New Or Does It Suck, and more.
Either way, a digital fitness industry revolution is coming, fast
Rina Raphael
A lot of people ask me for advice on how to get started writing. The pattern I see is fairly repetitive: They get inspired by something. They make big …
Dan Shipper
Businesses plateau for two reasons: Their strategy is wrong (Wrong Strategy Syndrome) They fail to execute any strategy at all (Fuzzy Strategy Syndrome…
Nathan Baschez
#11 - Two entrepreneurs and a journalist walk into a podcastListen now (33 min) | Today, Dan and Nathan welcome guest Alex Kantrowitz to Talk Therapy! (This is a special episode that’s twice as long as usual!) A…
#10 - Escaping the trough of writing sorrowListen now (16 min) | Dan and Nathan commiserate over their writing slump and strategize how to escape it. Meanwhile, Adam’s essay hits the top of Hack…
A new talk show starring Li Jin and yours truly
Nathan Baschez
A $500 million call option on home gyms
Adam Keesling
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